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New 4-week Live Video Training Starts Tuesday, June 16, 2020
In these times of significant social & economic change, our lives have taken a new shape, and many of our businesses have been affected. We have a choice:
  • we can ride out the wave until things return to some former version of normal, which might happen, but it might not
  • or we can stretch beyond our comfort zone and the routine of how we have served our clients up until this point, and instead re-imagine our service offerings and business model. Not just to stay in business, but to grow our business with confidence, no matter the circumstance.  
Even more than simply pivoting from in-person to online service delivery, there is an invitation here to fortify our resilience as business owners and care providers, to build muscles that upgrade our contribution in the world at a time when people need our help more than ever, and to learn a system that helps us do this with the current wave of change and the next one.  And the one after that.
How about you?  Have you accepted your invitation?  If not, are you willing to consider it?
In service of the need for many coaches, therapists, and healing arts professionals to extend the breadth & reach of their service offering, we’ve developed this workshop:
  • Because many of you, during the this recent pause, have gotten a glimpse that there might be more that you can do (or are meant to do) with your business than you have done so far
  • So you can continue to care for those who may take a while to feel comfortable resuming their work with you in-person
  • To support those who would love to work with you but for whatever reason don’t have the means to join you in-person
  • To make your service offering more resilient, unbound by bricks and mortar or specific geography
We have developed this highly experiential and generative workshop to help you discover custom-tailored, creative ideas of what that might look like, combined with expert guidance towards rapid implementation, so that you can generate income and serve your audience.  Right now.
This class is for you, if:
  • You have an established in-person service business, and you and your clients felt the impact the corona economy
  • You are in the question of both WHAT to offer online or remotely and HOW to do it
  • You are open to uplevel your thinking on what is possible to deliver remotely
  • You are ready to experiment with a new offer that might be out of your comfort zone
  • You are willing to walk toward both the alchemy and the discomfort of change

Your Facilitators

Colette Pellissier
Britta Fischlin
Module 1: Prepare Internally for the Expansion (June 16)
Even when we have an inner knowingness that change is right and necessary at this time, we can get stalled by internal forces that are designed to give us a sense of comfort by keeping the uncertainty of change at bay.  Resistance comes in many forms, including lack of clarity, confusion, inertia, and thoughts that are like a wet blanket on your sense of empowerment & motivation. 

Can you see how important it is to til the soil and cultivate an environment where something new can take root and grow?

In this module, you will:
  • Learn about the paradox overwhelm and the keys to lifting out of it
  • Open up to be responsive to circumstances and deliver your value in new ways
  • Discover what has been driving you, so you can get back in the driver's seat
  • (Re)-connect to your higher service intentions
  • Explore expanded ways to hold the service(s) that you offer
Module 2: Discover New Possibilities (June 23)
This is our promise to you:
No Service (or Service Provider) Left Behind.

There is something that each one of us has to offer right now, and we already have the skills and talents to do it.  Together, let's bring it into focus and make it tangible.

Our partners here are Creativity and Intelligence, and there are perfectly approachable ways to access them.  We'll leverage our collective insight and inspiration.  Because there are no cookie-cutter solutions, every participant will receive customized 1-1 coaching and support by a the facilitator and taps into the wisdom of the community.  Everybody wins!

In this module, you will:
  • Untangle the mystery and emerge with generative insights about how to move forward using your existing talents and experience
  • Identify at least one viable idea for an online or remote offering (possibly more!)
  • Receive tools and processes to nurture your emerging ideas
Module 3: Set Yourself Up for Success (June 30)
Yesterday, you were an in-person service provider.  Today you are also offering a remote or online service.  

OK.  Now what?

Having the offer defined is a powerful step. But it is only half of the equation! The other half is the delivery itself.  Remote and online service is not the same as in-person.

Let us guide you through the differences, share tips, checklists and considerations that will help you transition with a measure of Grace.  There are several things to consider-- from technical to energetic-- but you don't need to figure this out by yourself. 

In this module, you will learn how to:
  • Introduce your new offer to existing clients; BONUS: Done-for-you template
  • Create a physical and technical environment of success
  • Adjust your service delivery to bridge the online or remote format shift
  • Hold the attention of your clients remotely
  • Keep your own focus online and manage your personal energy with more screen time
Module 4: Commit to Action (July 7)
In three short weeks you will have made extraordinary progress!  You will have transcended the ties that bound you, identified a new offer that makes your unique form of genius available to support people in need at this time, and leaned into the practical aspects of making your offer available.

It is time to celebrate your new offering, and honor it with a clear commitment.  Complete your launch roadmap, and clarify your next steps.  

In this closing module, you will:
  • Celebrate!!  The energy of celebration is so important to your success!
  • Commit to your next step(s) to go public with your offering
  • Learn to stay connected to the promise of your higher value 
  • Walk away with a roadmap for your successful launch 

What you will receive:

  • Four Live Video Sessions with Colette Pellissier and Britta Fischlin, each 90 minutes + 30 miutes Q&A / working time
  • Customized 1-1 coaching and support by the facilitators during the Live Video Sessions
  • Four Video Recordings of the Live Sessions
  • Four Audio Recordings of the Live Sessions
  • Worksheets, Meditations, and Done-for-You Templates

Schedule At-A-Glance:

All Live Video Classes:

Start time 10:00am pst / 1:00pm est
Wrap time 12:00nn pst / 3:00pm est

  • Tuesday June 16th
  • Tuesday June 23rd
  • Tuesday June 30th
  • Tuesday July 7th

Structured homework assignments to complete between sessions

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Expand Your Business
Expand Your Business
Special Beta* Pricing! Regular price: $495
4-week video class on how to convert your in-person service to an online or remote experience.

Beta Program requirements: This is a Beta Program, where you will be able to participate at a reduced investment. In exchange, we will ask for feedback after each module and for a testimonial at the end of the program that we may use for marketing purposes for future programs.  
Refund policy: We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and you can request a refund until after the first session. The deadline to request a full refund is June 22, 2020.

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