Welcome to this place.  We're so glad you're here! 

Shifting the shape of your professional expression?  We've been there.
Transitioning from working at an office to working remotely?  We've been there, too.
Providing remote & online services?  Yep.  Done that.

If you're being called to shape shift your in-person business so you can continue to serve at times like these, we'd love to help.

We both have a corporate background that has trained us to assess changing market conditions and to respond to them in a timely way.  And let's face it: for any of you who have a corporate background, you know that you really do have to reinvent yourself — pivot time and time again—  to stay relevant: one restructuring at a time, one new boss at a time, one new company at a time.  We are seasoned pivot professionals!

We've been collaborating in different ways for the past 6 years, and as we watched the unfolding of the current stay-at-home situation, we realized it was time to pivot ourselves and offer support to service providers, just like you, who have yet to make the move to online or remote service delivery.  We have also both been building our own remote and online businesses for the last few years and we are well staged to help you advance an otherwise steep learning curve. 

We'd like nothing more than to save you the headaches, frustration and trial and error that we grappled with along the way, so you can be up and running quickly, making the difference you came here to make.

We’re not just talking the talk, either.  This program is a living example of the processes we will be teaching and helping to guide you through.  Every step of the way!

Our Guiding Principles

  • No service provider left behind
  • The corona economy (like any circumstance that is far bigger than we are) is here to serve us, not sever us
  • Each one of us has genius to offer as support at times like these
  • The genius that we have to offer is deeply needed
  • The people we are meant to help need us now more than ever
  • This entire situation is woven from fibers of Intelligence, and Intelligence is glad to guide us through it
  • A pivot doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs some love, courage and action to take form
  • We get to see what we’re made of when shift hits the fan
  • The collective wisdom of a group, when focused on the greater good, is transformational
  • We each are an instrument of Light, and in order to serve others well, we need to keep our instrument tuned
Colette Pellissier

Colette is the founder of Illuminated Leadership, a bespoke leadership development consultancy.  She specializes in helping individuals and groups grow in self mastery through the crucible of transition-- whether it be self-chosen, such as changing companies or accepting a promotion, or other-chosen, such as restructuring.  

Colette has broad business acumen from nearly 4 decades in the corporate arena, and served as a senior leader in the Fortune 100 for more than 20 years.

She has operated Illuminated Leadership out of her home for the past 7 years.  
Britta Fischlin

Britta is the founder of Business Meets Magic where she helps entrepreneurs and solopreneurs heal their relationship to marketing, which includes both developing marketing strategies with them and subtle energy healing to release any personal and business obstacles on an energetic level.

She combines 25 years of business and marketing experience in corporate media and high-tech with years of coaching, somatic practices, and subtle energy healing and she has been delivering both individual sessions and classes, including subtle energy healing, in-person and online for the last 6 years.

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