Free Webinar:
4 Steps to Grow Your In-Person Business by Adding Online Services

The live events have passed, but you can still access the recording:
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With business coaches
Colette Pellissier  and  Britta Fischlin

These Times Call for Personal and Business Resilience

In times of great change there is also tremendous opportunity. For coaches, therapists, and healing arts professionals who have delivered their services in-person or hands-on until now, this is a time to tap into your core confidence and responsiveness to move beyond your comfort zone and find ways to deliver your value to your clients either remotely or online.

Whether you want to build a stronger online presence, craft your first virtual offer, or just learn the roadmap to starting your online service delivery — there’s something for you in this 60 minute webinar!

In these 60 minutes we will explore the 4 steps:
  1. Til the soil: determine where you currently are and prepare the ground for new seedlings
  2. Seed your new possibilities: discover what services want to emerge through you
  3. Nurture the seedlings: translate what you already know to do into your online service delivery 
  4. Enjoy the harvest: create clarity, focus, and commitment to implement


This is an opportunity to re-imagine your service offerings and business model. Not just to stay in business, but to grow your business with confidence, no matter the circumstances.

You will also hear about the upcoming four-week workshop with Colette and Britta, which will start Tuesday, October 13. In this workshop we’ll be offering a hands-on lab approach to the material and help you develop custom-tailored, creative ideas in a small group setting

Your Facilitators:
Colette Pellissier

Colette is the founder of Illuminated Leadership, a bespoke leadership development consultancy.  She specializes in helping individuals and groups grow in self mastery through the crucible of transition-- whether it be self-chosen, such as changing companies or accepting a promotion, or other-chosen, such as restructuring.  

Colette has broad business acumen from nearly 4 decades in the corporate arena, and served as a senior leader in the Fortune 100 for more than 20 years.

She has operated Illuminated Leadership out of her home for the past 7 years. Learn more>>
Britta Fischlin

Britta is the founder of Business Meets Magic where she helps entrepreneurs and solopreneurs heal their relationship to marketing, which includes both developing marketing strategies with them and subtle energy healing to release any personal and business obstacles on an energetic level.

She combines 25 years of business and marketing experience in corporate media and high-tech with years of coaching, somatic practices, and subtle energy healing and she has been delivering both individual sessions and classes, including subtle energy healing, in-person and online for the last 6 years. Learn more>>